Our working and licensing conditions at a glance

Our Composing, Production and Royality Terms

One Price

The price for our individually composed and produced music includes the fee for creation, production and delivery.

Also included are the usage license fees for the synchronization rights for the use of the recordings in advertising and film and the sync rights for the usage rights of the authors' and publisher's copyrights.

We are a member of GEMA. The performance rights and reproduction rights will continue to be exercised by GEMA.

Unlimited Term

The usage rights have no term limit.

All Media

Our work can be used in connection with all media that arise as a right with the film. The usage rights for the synchronization of recordings and copyrights with moving images and games (film, TV, games) apply to all media. If our music is performed separately on music streaming or on public broadcasters, the performance right remains with GEMA outside of the sync rights of the authors and the publisher.

All Rights

We own the recording rights and copyrights. Therefore, you can purchase the user agreement for both synchronization rights from us, which you can use in films, TV and games. The performance rights and reproduction rights will continue to be managed globally by GEMA and GVL. In the majority of cases, these payments are made by broadcasters and streaming services.*

* Our general and special conditions apply.